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Expertise - A 100 years experience

Gaston MILLE - a premium brand

Gaston MILLE, a premium brand for safety shoes, has for more than 100 years designed, tested and launched the production of each of its models in the family factory of south of France.

A single site where are gathered all the departments related to the brand’s products.

The integration of all the aspects of design and manufacture makes for the perfect control of all stages of production, thus guaranteeing the quality of Gaston MILLE shoes.

Thus equipped, the Co. manufactures each of our models in France when needed in order to preserve full responsiveness.

MILLE S.A.S. offers advanced safety footwear fulfilling the very specific requirements of Petrochemical and mining industries, metal and aluminum casting and smelting applications.

Gaston MILLE – the guarantee of a thouroughly French manufacturer.

Technologie Gaston MILLE

Technical skills of ability and know-how

Gaston Mille’s strategy has always singled out both the safety and well being of its users, respecting the normative standards in force. We are proud to use an unequalled technology for the anti-slip soles and exclusive footwear resting on the European foot’s anatomy.

The issue is to comply with users’ requirements and optimal safety, for every sector: food processing, construction and industry. The diversity of Gaston Mille’s ranges of products, for both general and very specific uses, makes it the most specialized supplier of the market.

A performing anti-slip technology

Slips cause almost 24% of the industrial accidents: wet or oily floors in the food processing industry, catering and services or the petroleum sector. To prevent these accidents, Gaston Mille has developed the most anti-slip soles of the market.

With an exceptional grip rate, far above the standard, the company has established itself with a unique technical expertise.

Gaston Mille is undeniably the slip resistance specialist.

A unique extra large toecap for optimal comfort

The users’ well being is the key point of our Research and Development strategy. Indeed, we chose to make all of our shoes on a unique extra large (XXL) toecap model.

Making no compromise on safety, the manufacturer chose moulded fibreglass toecaps, which are more resistant and guarantee maximal safety. This specific toecap is slightly thinner so it gives more space for the comfort of the foot and avoids any risk of deformity in time. This particularity is one of the basic loyalty components of Gaston Mille customer.