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All the GASTON MILLE safety shoes meet european standards which guarantee a product which complies with users' requirements and optimal safety.


EN ISO 20349

Footwear projecting agains molten metal splash


  • SB : basic requirements (innocuousness, strength, resistance to shocks hazards and compression : 200 J) 
  • S1 : SB + closed back + A + E 
  • S2 : S1 + WRU 
  • S3 : S2 + P + studded sole



  • A Antistatic footwear
  • AN Ankle protection
  • CI Insulation agains cold
  • E Energy absorption in the heel region
  • FO Resistance to fuel oil of outsole
  • HI Insulation agains heat
  • M Metatarsal protection
  • P Penetration resistance
  • WR Water resistant
  • WRU Water resistant upper
  • HRO Heat resistant outsole 300°C
  • WG Molten metal splinters
  • HI-1 Resistance of sole complex to contact heat (150°C)
  • HI-3 Resistance of sole complex to contact heat (250°C)


 Sole Resistant to Slipping:

  • SRA : Slipping resistance on ceramic tile wet with dilute soap solution
  • SRB : Slipping resistance on smooth steel with glycerol
  • SRC : SRA + SRB




3 Item(s)


3 Item(s)