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Expertise - A 100 years experience

Technical skills of ability and know-how

Gaston Mille’s strategy has always singled out both the safety and well being of its users, respecting the normative standards in force. We are proud to use an unequalled technology for the anti-slip soles and exclusive footwear resting on the European foot’s anatomy.

The issue is to comply with users’ requirements and optimal safety, for every sector: food processing, construction and industry. The diversity of Gaston Mille’s ranges of products, for both general and very specific uses, makes it the most specialized supplier of the market.


A performing anti-slip technology

Slips cause almost 24% of the industrial accidents: wet or oily floors in the food processing industry, catering and services or the petroleum sector. To prevent these accidents, Gaston Mille has developed the most anti-slip soles of the market.

With an exceptional grip rate, far above the standard, the company has established itself with a unique technical expertise.

Gaston Mille is undeniably the slip resistance specialist.


A unique extra large toecap for optimal comfort

The users’ well being is the key point of our Research and Development strategy. Indeed, we chose to make all of our shoes on a unique extra large (XXL) toecap model.

Making no compromise on safety, the manufacturer chose moulded fibreglass toecaps, which are more resistant and guarantee maximal safety. This specific toecap is slightly thinner so it gives more space for the comfort of the foot and avoids any risk of deformity in time. This particularity is one of the basic loyalty components of Gaston Mille customers.

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An efficient solution for safety footwear waterproofness.

For some workers, such as roadmen for the cleaning of the roads, sewer workers, market gardeners or construction workers, it is an unavoidable constraint to working in contact with water. Working with a non-waterproof shoe, heavy with water, weakens the foot and may generate discomfort and skin problems... Using the OutDry® technology in the making of safety footwear is the obvious and simple solution to cancel these constraints. This is why Gaston Mille has chosen to use this technology on some of its models, intended for the workers confronted to an intensive use of water.



How does a simple membrane can fix this challenge? We guarantee a total waterproofness thanks to a specific lamination process. The membrane is directly bonded to the external layer of the shoe, perfectly sealing any possible water entry point.

This technology brings obvious advantages:

EXTREME WATERPROOFNESS: The waterproof and breathable OutDry® membrane system moves the waterproof barrier from the internal lining to the external upper. As a result, the water stays on the outer surface of the shoe and feet remain perfectly dry.

LIGHTER ALL DAY: Water cannot penetrate inside the upper and stagnate between the upper and the lining, which is the case with a classical membrane; you no longer need to carry this excess weight around your feet. Moreover, shoes with an OutDry® membrane dry much faster.

SUPERIOR BREATHABILITY and UNMATCHED COMFORT: The complete absence of any seam-sealing tape, enables the system to exploit 100% of the waterproof barrier surface’s water vapour permeability, thus increasing overall shoe breathability. The OutDry® system creates a larger volume of dry air between the foot and the waterproof barrier; this dramatically reduces the risk of condensation from excessive perspiration and helps to maintain a stable skin temperature of the foot.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Actually, OutDry® membrane is absolutely Teflon Free, made by a very thin polyurethane layer (less than 20 micrometer) combined with a very light polyester knitted protective fabric. These products are known to be absolutely non-toxic and its production process not dangerous.


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